Portagrid Benefits

Factory Built & Tested

Designed, built and tested by in-house experts to Australian Standards


Relocate Portagrid to next
location, project or site

Lower labour costs

No requirement for highly
skilled labour; ‘Set n’ forget

Bankable Asset

Add to financial security and
asset portfolio

Weather Proof

100% safe in extreme and
hostile weather conditions

Zero installation cost over-runs

Tested in house; factory
built solution. Reduces installation costs to hours, not weeks.

Plug n' Play

End of life and component
replacements are simple
‘Plug n’ Play’ solutions

Scalable & Upgradable

Easily enhanced systems to
suit any requirements


Portagrid end-users. What problems are we solving?

energy utilities

Portagrid can provide alternative solutions for SWER (Single Wire Earth Return) support and Fringe of Grid alternative, reducing costs to Energy Utilities for maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Remote & isolated communities

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) for remote and isolated communities, providing continuous power as well as water filtration, CCTV and Wifi options.

AId and emergency disaster relief

In times of natural disasters, powerlines and networks are destroyed, unavailable or damaged. Portagrid systems provide portable power solutions, installed at a moments notice.


For the farms that require power at multiple sites and locations across their land, Portagrid is easily relocated and is  a bankable asset that is reselable should the solution no longer be required.


In remote areas, energy infrastructure for towers can be costly and ineffective. Systems relying heavily on diesel generators. Portagrid is a Plug n’ Play solution which can be trucked or helicoptered to site, operational within hours, low maintenance and little to no reliability on diesel generators. 


Supplying clean energy to workers camps and catering firms are just a couple of examples of how Portagrid systems can be utilised in remote mining areas. The resalable systems can be re-deployable enabling owners to relocate from project to project or onsell to other companies.


Designed for harsh environments, the rapidly re-deployable Portagrid systems can provide reliable energy as well as communications; Portagrid is idea for hostile locations. It reduced the reliance on diesel generators, can provide power, filtered water, CCTV and Wifi as well as low or no heat signature.

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