Jason Pyne; portagrid inventor

Jason Pyne; portagrid inventor


Portagrid was formed by Jason Pyne - a family man, a business man, an entrepreneur and an award winning innovator.  

Jason spent over 15 years seeing first-hand the hardships, environmental impacts, financial and physical struggles of individuals, remote organisations and communities that do not have access to mains power. These dangers and shortfalls lead to the invention of the Portagrid systems. 

Jason Pyne has a reputation for technical knowledge, experience and reliable values. Having spent many years working on renewable energy systems in the harsh outback of Australia, Jason's intimate knowledge of renewable technologies is incomparable.  He is greatly aware of the world first opportunities our country faces in the renewable energy field which is what drives him to be at the for-front of innovation solutions for customers, no matter what energy challenges and opportunities they face.

he majority of us live in a world where electricity is just a part of everyday life, but  1/4 of the world live (including fellow Australians) in energy poverty, meaning they do not have access to everyday power the likes of which we take for granted on a daily basis.  Jason has ultimately invented a range of products that will change lives by providing people worldwide with a reliable, sustainable and economical power alternative. This means giving people the ability to have power for emergency relief situations like earthquakes and cyclones, providing first aid to those in underdeveloped countries, providing internet for education and community engagement.  And the basic ability to power a fridge to keep food cold and a light at night! 

ith a passion for renewable energy technologies, Jason's team consists of like-minded individuals who strive every day to make real changes in the lives of people in all walks of life, at the same time creating a sustainable environment for our generation and those to come.  

o come on this journey with us and let's see what we can achieve!