Power whenever and wherever you need it 

Portagrid systems can provide a solution for both on-grid and off-grid energy needs. 


Rural and Remote Communities

Ideal for island villages or remote outback communities, Portagrid can supply continuous renewable energy as well as WIFI and water filtration options. The energy can help provide access to education as well as power vital healthcare centres. 



For the farms that require power at multiple sites and locations across their land, Portagrid is easily relocated and is a bankable asset that is resalable should the solution no longer be required. 


Aid Organisations

In times of natural disasters, power is most often than not a critical utility that is destroyed. This leaves the worlds most vulnerable with little to no access to energy. Portagrid, a green energy solution, can be deployed and installed at a moments notice aiding relief teams and maintaining basic human sanitation needs. 



Supplying clean energy to workers camps and catering firms are just a couple of examples of how a Portagrid system can be utilised in remote mining areas. The resalable systems can be re-deployable enabling owners to relocate from project to project or onsell to other companies. 



Designed for harsh environments, the rapidly re-deployable systems can provide reliable energy as well as communications; Portagrid is ideal for hostile locations.  


Telecommunication Towers

In remote areas, energy infrastructure for towers can be costly and ineffective. Portagrid, is a plug n' play solution requiring little to no maintenance and can be operated remotely. The systems are a turnkey solution which minimises installation overruns and costs.