What is Portagrid

Portagrid is a suite of modularised energy storage systems.

Our power systems are purpose built to provide energy storage solutions for remote energy supply applications such as required in isolated communities, aid and natural disaster relief, military, agricultural and mining operations as well as utility and telecommunications support. 

Portagrid specialise in Solar PV generation and battery energy storage solutions. We provide EPCMM (Engineer, Procure, Construct, Monitor and Maintain) services for a variety of Government and Non Government clients. Our solutions provide for residential homes, commercial, industrial and farming, indigenous communities, and also mining and utility applications.



Who is Portagrid

Without our passionate and dedicated team, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Our family  type culture at Portagrid is derived from our founder – Jason Pyne, who has always strived for our work environment to be one of diversity, freedom of thought, friendship and happiness. 

We aim to achieve and maintain an employer of choice status. It is Jason’s belief they every individual in our team is as important as the other, and their role contributes equally to our success and we strive every day to do the very best we can, for each other, our customers and the environment.




Award Winning Technology

Portagrid – Winner of the TNQ Innovation Award for the Eco Innovation Award for the design of a containerised, portable energy storage system with a fold-out array.  The only such system available on the Australian and world market with the Australian Patent and Global Patent pending in over 130 countries around the world.

The unique deployable array system was developed by Portagrid’s Director’s personal experiences and have inspired him to develop award winning solutions to facilitate access to energy supplies, regardless of location. 


A re-deployable difference

Our specialised Patented technologies include a system with a retractable solar array that can be deployed quickly and easily on site. Supported by the latest in battery technologies, the system is easily transportable and the array attaches directly to the top of standard 8,10, 20 and 40ft shipping containers. The whole system including the deployable array, can be shipped, trucked or helicoptered into the site and setup and operational within hours saving up to 97% of the time it takes to complete a typical installation.

The Solar array can be retracted if the system is required to be moved to another location or during severe weather events and redeployed again once the threat has gone. Systems can also be designed to include integrated water pumping and purification, local area communications including internet communications.

Very smart and Innovative Technology by the PORTAGRID team, amazing to see the Award Winning Portable Power Supply System in Action


Patented Technology

Portagrid is an Australian owned and operated, Award winning Innovative Company offering Re-deployable Solar Array Technology that is now patented in Australia and pending in 148 countries around the world.

Portagrid is a Queensland based Company that is owned and operated by experienced Renewable Energy Industry experts.  With a significant amount of technical and industry knowledge in delivering energy generation systems into remote areas of Australia, the Portagrid team understand these unique challenges.


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